The Best Mining And Staking Blockchain Solution

Miners Reward 70% Of A Block

The current Mining reward 1400 Jagoancoin each block.

Smartnodes 25% Of A Block

The current Smartnodes reward 500 Jagoancoin each block.

Team Reward 5% Of A Block

100 Jagoancoin of each block will be used for development in order to maintain the security of the network, community reward and to pay for exchange listing fees.

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Smartnodes are responsible for storing and executing smart contracts, having nodes handle contracts rather than adding them to blocks greatly reduces the chances of scaling issues, like Ethereum has been experiencing. In addition this also allows larger smart contracts and a wider variety of languages that can be used to create them.

Staking is when you lock crypto assets for a set period of time to help support the operation of a blockchain, In return for staking your crypto, you earn more cryptocurrency. Like a lot of things in crypto, staking can be a complicated idea or a simple one depending on how many levels of understanding you want to unlock. For a lot of traders and investors, knowing that staking is a way of earning rewards for holding certain cryptocurrencies is the key takeaway. But even if you’re just looking to earn some staking rewards, it’s useful to understand at least a little bit about how and why it works the way it does.

1% of the amount deposited every day and will continue to decrease as more smartnodes, Actually the staking feature on bot was created as an alternative for those who want to run JGC smartnode but don't have enough JGC. That's why we set a maximum staking limit, because if you have 500K JGC you should run smartnode yourself.

Coin burning is a deliberate burning process by the coin maker (developer) to remove coins from circulation or to reduce the supply of available coins. So that the coin cannot be reused, it is based on following the principles of the market economy in calculating the price of supply and demand.

Removing a number of coins from circulation can be done for different purposes, but is most often done with the aim of deflation the value of a coin or token. In simple terms, this burning can create a shortage of coins and tokens that are burned. When a resource (coins and tokens) is limited, then the value of the resource will have a high value. Generally, coin burning is the most effective method of increasing and stabilizing the value of coins and tokens. Stability, gives investors a greater incentive to hold the coin and keeps the price at a more favorable level. Token burning also projects an edge, especially in the early stages of coin development.

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